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Your phone number could cost you millions…

How powerful is your phone number?

I’m sure you don’t think about it much, but your phone number is very powerful.

If someone gains control of your phone number, they can use it to access your email, bank accounts, social media, and any other online accounts that use your phone number for verification purposes.

This is a common way that hackers and scammers target people. It’s called Sim swapping, and it happens more than you’d think.

A lot of the times hackers and scammers call your phone service provider and pretend that they are you. It’s unbelievable how often this actually works.

A lot of the time, all someone needs to know is your date of birth, home address or other very simple information to change your phone number.

It’s really scary, because when you realize what happened, it’ll be too late.

And when the scammer gets access to your phone number, they’ll instantly go online and reset the passwords to all of your accounts.

Having a separate 2fa for all of your accounts can help prevent this, but it’s still dangerous, as the scammers can still call in and pretend to be you.

The consequences of sim swapping are devastating. Victims can lose access to all of their email, bank accounts, crypto wallets, and other online services. And, their reputation can be damaged if the scammer uses their social media accounts to post fake posts or messages.

There have been many cases of people losing MILLIONS of dollars to this scam.

Sim swapping needs to be taken seriously, and you need to learn how to protect yourself.

That’s why Glenn interviewed our friend Mark from Efani, a secure cell phone service provider.

Glenn asked him all about the dangers of SIM swapping and how we can protect ourselves from it.

I really recommend that you check out the blog and interview we did here!

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