We all have a gut-feeling that we are being spied on right?

You've surely noticed ads that look tailor made for you, whether it's on your phone or your computer....

Yes, Big tech is listening to you and recording everything you say, even in your home.

And Big Tech is working together with Big Brother...

Let’s say you start talking to someone about high quality dog food, and then all of a sudden you start seeing ads for it.

Or you start talking about taking a cruise to Italy and you start seeing cruises in Italy in your timeline or on your computer.

This is not a coincidence... Big Tech is listening to you.

And yes, that’s creepy, but are targeted ads enough of a reason for you to want to get private?

Well, they don’t just spy so they can give you targeted ads. These are activist companies, they have their own agendas, and they don’t care about people they’re very creepy.

They use their wealth of data to prey on people.

Take a look a this article The Guardian posted 6 years ago… “Facebok told advertisers it can identify teens feeling ‘insecure’ and ‘worthless'”


Which means that advertisers can intentionally target ‘insecure’ or ‘worthless’ people, with activist posts, agendas, or specific products because they are easier to influence.

It doesn’t stop there though, social media platforms can tailor content to make people more insecure, and feel worthless

These social media companies know that if people feel more angry, insecure, and worthless, they are more likely to use their services and be manipulated by the content they see.

They do this on purpose, and they have even admitted to doing it over 10 years ago…

Take a look at this article posted by The New York Times posted in 2014, about an ‘experiment’ Facebokk conducted on unknowing users!

Facebook conducted a vast experiment for one week where they manipulated the information posted on 689,000 users’ home pages. They found that it could make people feel more positive or negative through a process of “emotional contagion”.

The key thing to remember is that we only know about this because they published their study.

But now, they do it all the time.

Here’s the thing… these 700,000 people had no idea that they emotions were being manipulated.

These companies are master manipulators.

They run this kind of ‘experiment’ constantly. It’s in their terms and conditions.

They hire psychologists and social behavioral scientists, just so they can figure out how to manipulate as much as possible. 

They manipulate you without your knowledge, they manipulate your family members without their knowledge.

And they manipulate people’s mental health.

This is happening even more to teens and young people. I’m sure you can see its negative effects on their mental health.

But it’s not just that….

Because Big Tech is colluding with Big Brother... and this is very dangerous!

Edward Snowden showed how far the Government is going to spy on us. And he revealed this more than 10 years ago, they have TREMENDOUS abilities to spy on us.

This is very scary because an out-of-control Government uses whatever power it has. And we know that the FBI is out of control.

They are labelling concerned parents who speak up at school board meetings as being domestic terrorists!

They’re labelling people who questioned the COVID narrative as domestic terrorists.

This is really wrong, and they are shutting down Freedom of Speech. And they’re doing it now.

It also goes deeper than this… because of surveillance, Governments around the world, including the USA, are trying to implement a social credit system, which will be very BAD.

This is basically technological slavery.

They already monitor every single thing that you do, where you are, everything that you spend your money on (digitally), every text you send, what you say, what you read, and what you do online.

Once a social credit system is in place, they will judge you for everything.

If you do things that they like, they are going to reward you, if you do something that they don’t approve of, they are going to penalize you. They are going to train you like a dog.

That’s what the social credit system is. And they are close to having all of the pieces in place.

We need to wake up to this.

But it’s even worse than this because they have AI.

And I wanna clarify what AI is, because when most people think of AI they think of creating a robot that thinks like us. Like Commander Data from Star Trek.

That’s not what AI is though. AI is a brilliant computer program, and what makes it different is that it’s self-learning. It learns on its own. It’s not conscious, but it learns on its own and it’s VERY good at manipulating people.

Big tech collects tons of data, and then  the AI processes it (this is important because AI is very good at pattern recognition) and makes precise predictions about each individual person.

These predictions are based on so much data that even the human programmers that programmed the AI, have no idea how the AI makes the predictions that it makes.

In a way, AI knows us better than we know ourselves. It can predict and manipulate better than any human.

So with this level of technology in the Government’s hands it’s like having an FBI agent watching over your shoulder, and controlling what you see and hear in real time.

And it will manipulate you. That’s the power of AI and this is why they developed. They didn’t develop AI for some high grandiouse purpose. They created it because they are collecting so much data from us that they want to know how to put the pieces of this data together and use this to control us.

That’s why they did it.

PAUSE... this seems pretty overwhelming right?

It’s hard to hear all of this. It may sound outlandish, or too intense. But it’s real, and it’s important that you know.

But don’t feel hopeless, one of the most common objections I hear is:

“Well, my info is already out there, so it’s too late now.”


But this is not true. It’s not too late to reclaim your privacy!

We’re all in the same boat in this regard.

We all have to start from where we are and move forward from there.

That’s just the way it is, but I want you to think about things in a different way here:

We have three different threats Hackers & Thieves, Big Tech, and Big Brother. They all want your data.

But they don’t want just any data. They want the latest, greatest, newest data from you. Because data gets old and stale very fast.

They don’t care about data that is 2-3 years old about you.

They wany data that is within the past second, 30 seconds, or within the month. They only want the newest, most accurate data about you.

This is great news, because you can stop the flow of your data, and prevent them from manipulating you!

Another thing I hear about a lot is:

“I’m not techy enough to do this.”

But that’s not true either.

There are very simple steps that you can take to reclaim your privacy. The challenge is to know what steps to take and who to listen to.

So, really what you have is two options moving forward…


There are many privacy professionals and security researchers. There are thousands of them out there.

The challenge is to find the one’s who know what they are talking about.

And the ones is to talk to regular people.

This can be very time-consuming, and there is a lot of bad advice you will have to sift through…

Second… you can join the Privacy Action Plan…


The Privacy Action Plan is my business.

It’s a comprehensive online course designed to teach you how to secure your online privacy and security.

It’s a planned way forward. 

We don’t just throw information at you, we give you a planned way forward, by breaking the information into bite-sized actionable steps for you.

Our goal is to give you the quickest path to get from where you are now to where you want to be. 

We do this better than anyone else out there. I’m very proud of what we have.

So, let me show you some of the components of the Privacy Action Plan…

The first component of the Privacy Action Plan is the privacy fundamentals.

The Privacy Fundamentals is a carefully planned set of lessons that gives you the most important lessons first.

If you do nothing but the Fundamentals you will be more private & secure than 99% of people.

The next component of the Privacy Action Plan is Mastering Passwords and 2fa.

This is not privacy, this is security, and it is REALLY important. 

It’s the single most important step you can take to secure your online accounts. Having strong unique passwords, and being able to lock your accounts down with 2fa is essential.

The next one here is Private and Secure Communications.

In this course, we teach you how to communicate with your friends, family and associates privately.

For example: one of the things we talk about is how to migrate away from Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail…

It’s not as simple as creating a new email and just using that email instead of your old email.

There’s actually quite a process to move over, and we take you through it, because you’ve been using Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail for probably decades.

You’ve got a lot of emails there, and you’ve got habits built up.

We take you through and show you how to migrate over, and how to change your habits.

Now, the next thing is Private and Secure Money.

I hate to use a pun here, but this is worth it’s weight in gold.

This is vital training on how to keep your money and bank accounts safe, how to protect your money from hackers and steps you can take to preserve your money from the coming CBDC. Which will tie into the social credit system that they are creating.

The next component the here is the Member’s-Only Live Q&A Webinars.

The live Q/A Webinars are for members only, we hold them at least once a month, sometimes more.

You can come on as a member, and you can ask any questions.

You can listen to everyone else’s questions. This is really a favorite of our members.

Plus, you get access to all of our past Q/A webinars.

The other part is the Privacy Skill sessions.

These are special live lessons on particular topics, where we usually have experts in the industry as guests that come on and help us teach things.

The final thing here is a bonus… and that is, we have a section on De-Googling your own phone.

This is very important, having a De-Googled phone is one of the most important things you can do to stay private.

This section is the only section that we do not recommend for beginners, as it is more tech aware. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, we have an easy alternative!

This shows you the whole package of what the Privacy Action Plan offers, what I recommend is when people join, they just focus on the fundamentals at first.

Don’t worry if you get stuck, you will have the Q/A webinars and also the skill sessions to help.

It’s really an awesome pack.

Learn privacy at your own pace, in a supportive community of freedom and privacy lovers, like you.

Sign up now for just…

$399 / year

Money-Back Guarantee

  • Community of friendly, freedom lovers
  • Instant access to all our modules
  • Course is constantly updated to stay relevant.
  • Access to monthly Live Q/A webinars

What Our Students Are Saying...

Meet your new privacy and security coach: Glenn Meder

Glenn started out as a freedom lover. Over the last decade, he has written to his audience about freedom, privacy, and alternative topics.

After Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA was spying on US citizens, Glenn was sent on a scramble to learn as much as he could about online privacy and security.

Once Glenn became a privacy expert, he started writing about privacy to his newsletter, and explaining why it's so vital to freedom.

His audience really appreciated the information, but still they felt lost. A few emails here and there were not enough. They felt overwhelmed.

That's when Glenn created the Privacy Action Plan. A course for the everyday, non-techy person who wants to get private and secure online.

You do not need to be tech savvy, or a computer wizard to get private online.

All you need is a plan. One that takes you step by step through all of the processes.

You do not need to spend countless hours researching, or be in a mad rush to get it done.

The key is doing it one step at a time, without overwhelming yourself.

And before you know it, you will have a firm grasp on online privacy and security.

Learn privacy at your own pace, in a supportive community of freedom and privacy lovers, like you.

Sign up now for just…

$399 / year

Money-Back Guarantee

  • Community of friendly, freedom lovers
  • Instant access to all our modules
  • Course is constantly updated to stay relevant.
  • Access to monthly Live Q/A webinars
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