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What happens when Governments freeze your assets for opposing viewpoints?

It’s sad to be writing this email, but it’s very prevalent to the world we live in today.

What happens when Governments freeze your assets for having opposing viewpoints?

This is a question the members of the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy asked themselves after their assets were frozen and some of their trucks were seized.

Not only were their assets frozen, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice issued an order halting access to funds collected on the GiveSendGo website, Global News reports.

This is a great example of how censorship can spiral out of control. First, it starts as labelling things as “mis-information” and changing the algorithm so people don’t have access to information.

That is all currently happening!

But if we take a look at Canada, we can see they are taking it a step further. They are actively attacking anyone with an opposing viewpoint.

This is really dangerous, because without this freedom of speech, the government can shift the narrative any way that benefits them and people will be too scared to speak out against it.

So, what can we do to stop this?

First, we cannot submit to fearmongering. Now is the best time to speak out and share this information with your loved ones.

Second, you have to protect yourself. This is not financial advice, but do not store your financials in bank accounts or anywhere the government or third parties can easily access them. You need to diversify what you own and have hidden investments everywhere.

Finally, you cannot give up hope. Governments have always wanted more power, this has always been true, but governments only work because of the power that we give them. I am optimistic of how we will work together to protect our rights.

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Thank you,

Eric Meder


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