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Webcam Covers

Your webcam can be hacked at any time... you need to cover it.

10 years ago, Edward Snowden revealed that the government can turn your computer or phone camera on at any time they want and record what you are doing. without your permission is even worse. Are you sure your conversations are private?

That means, any hacker can easily break into the camera on your device and record what you are doing at all times.

The worst part is that you wouldn’t even know you are being recorded or live streamed.
But these people are sick.
They prey on people’s vulnerabilities. They make livestream websites on the dark web where countless voyeurs can spy on you and other people..
Hackers aren’t the only threat. As I mentioned above, it is common knowledge that the government is spying on us through our cameras!

Covering your webcam is the easiest way you can get private right NOW!

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