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Watch my interview with Todd, an Expert on 5G and EMF Radiation

You own your electronic devices, and that means you should have the right to control when they send and receive electromagnetic signals…

If you do not have a privacy phone, and use an Apple or Android phone, you can be spied on without your knowledge.

There have even been recorded cases of Google tracking your location settings even after you turn them off.

It doesn’t even matter if you turn your phone off. This data can still be sent to them or the Government.

There is a way that you can selectively choose when your device sends and receives EMF/5G/WiFi/Bluetooth signal. And that is by using a faraday bag/cage.

Not only is it a great way to stop unwanted spying, but EMF radiation and 5G signal can cause health issues.

That’s why I interviewed Todd, an expert on faraday technology, and how to stop EMF and 5G radiation.

You can watch the interview here:

The class was great, I learned a lot, and we got a lot of wonderful questions as well.

If you want to be able to decide when your device sends/and receives data. It is essential that you get a faraday cage.

Also, if you want to protect yourself and your home from 5g/EMF radiation, it is important that you get a bag as well.

I asked Todd if he could put together a special “Christmas” deal to our audience only, and he made one.

He is giving us 20% off all of their products on their website for the next Monday, December 18th.

​Here is a link to their special 2-pack of phone faraday bags that is 20% off, making the total 40% off.​

It’s a really great deal, but you can use the code: PRIVACYACTIONPLAN for 20% anything else in store .

I hope you enjoyed the class!


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