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Yesterday I held a very important class with Brian Caroland, an expert on identity theft.

I’ve seen how damaging identity theft is firsthand through people that I love.

It’s a devastating experience, and quite literally can ruin your life.

Identity theft happens an alarming amount. The key is being prepared.

As many of you know, there are three threats to your online privacy and security… Big Tech, Big Brother, and Hackers/Scammers/Thieves. When you learn how to be private and secure online your data becomes much safer.

But there is no silver bullet. Companies like Equifax, your employer, your bank and even Government organizations fall victim to hacks and data breaches. And those organizations have access to very important information like your Social Security Number.

And no matter how much you lock your security down; these organizations are a weak point. That’s why I really recommend you get identity theft insurance.

I’ve had identity theft insurance for the last 7 years through Zander, and it has given me A LOT of peace of mind.

I reached out to Zander about a month ago because I love their service, and I wanted to hold this class for you.

Not only did Zander agree to hold this webinar with us, but they also decided to give us a special discount that works until Sunday. The discount is 10% off of their Identity Theft Insurance service called Reliashield.

For just $7.19 (or $13.49 for family) a month you will have full identity theft coverage with $1 million in stolen funds/expense reimbursement.

I really think that they are the best and most affordable option on the market, they are a small business, and have been around for 100 years now.

My favorite thing about them is that they have fantastic customer service. They have a team full of people ready to help you (24/7/365) as soon as something happens.

I really recommend that you protect yourself, peace of mind alone is worth it. And if you actually fall victim to identity theft it will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

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Thank you!

Glenn Meder


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