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Watch my interview on how you can use gold and silver to Escape the threat of CBDCs (With gold expert Mark Hilton)

Earlier this week, I interviewed Mark Hilton, an expert on hard assets like gold and silver.

It was fantastic.

I’ve always thought gold and silver were a great way to opt-out of the coming CBDCs, but gold and silver have always had a large flaw for me.

It’s hard to use them in day-to-day purchases.

But Mark has completely fixed that issue.

You can watch the interview here:

In the class, we talked about the history of gold, and how the USD used to be gold backed (As well as what it means that it no longer is).

After that, we talked about the Utah legal tender act, and how they have fought to protect gold and silver as a form of currency. This is really inspiring, and a great step against government control.

Then we started talking about UPMA (the United Precious Metal Association), and how they created a system that lets you use gold for all of your transactions.

Mark founded UPMA after the Utah Legal Tender Act. He wanted to give people an easy way to spend gold for all of their transactions, instead of the USD.

Normally, when you go into a coin store and purchase $5,000 worth of silver coins it can only be sold back to the store for $4,200 the instant you walk out the door. When metals are purchased through UPMA you keep the whole $5,000 value. If the price goes up 1% then your account would be worth $5,050.

They make storing gold and silver very liquid. To the point that you can even get a debit card for UPMA and spend money like you would currency from a bank account.

It’s a fantastic idea and it’s a non-profit organization.

The purpose of our interview was not to talk about gold as a financial investment, rather as an opportunity to get out of the USD system and away from CBDCs. This is not financial advice.

If you are interested in UPMA, or want to create your own account, ​you can do so using this link here.​

If you are interested in buying Goldbacks, or hard assets, you can check you can do so using this link here.

I hope you enjoyed the interview!

Thank you!

Glenn Meder


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