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When you use the internet without a VPN your activity is not encrypted. That means your internet service provider, hackers, and big tech, can all see what you are doing online.

Proton is a privacy and freedom based software company in Switzerland. They have many different software solutions, and are very well known.

So well known, that they have over 100 MILLION people and businesses signed up and using them.

Proton uses End-to-End encryption, which means that no one (not even Proton) has access to your information.

They believe that privacy and trust are formed through transparency, that’s why all of their applications are open source and available to audit.

ProtonVPN is their VPN service, and it is really good. VPNs are great because they hide your IP address, meaning that people will not be able to track you.

Having a good VPN is also very important because it can prevent dangerous hacks.

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