Compartmentalize Your Browsers

Facebook, Google and Amazon are VERY sneaky in how they track you. For example, if you remain logged into Amazon, Facebook and Google while you browse the web, their trackers can see where you go online and can record your activity. 

One potential solution to this problem is browser compartmentalization. This is when you use different web browsers for different online activities. For example:

  • Browser #1 will only be used for accessing your online accounts that require a password. You can stay logged in with only this browser, and it won’t be used for general browsing.
  • Browser #2 will only be used for web browsing, with various privacy configurations and no cookies or history being stored on the browser.
  • Browser #3 could be completely locked down for maximum privacy and security.

You can also utilize different browsers, configured exactly the way you want, for various purposes, depending on your needs and threat  model. The key is to keep the compartmentalization strict and not break  the rules/uses for each browser.

So, in other words, you may want to install FireFox, Brave and Iridium and use each browser to compartmentalize your different browser uses.

As a final point, some websites allow you to log in to the sites by using your Facebook, Google or Amazon login. Do NOT do this. This is just another way that these companies track your data. 

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