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97% of Americans are constantly being surveilled.

97% of Americans have a device that constantly tracks their location, voice, and video at all times.

I’m talking about your cell phone. It’s a surveillance machine.

And ever since Edward Snowden’s leaks, it’s common knowledge how dangerous phones are, but still people use them all the time.

It’s simple, the convenience and power that a phone brings is worth more than the freedom that people are giving up for it.

But that’s because most people don’t see the big picture.

Since you follow us, you know how important privacy is to freedom. In fact, it’s so important that our slogan at Privacy Action Plan is No Privacy = No Freedom.

In a world with Digital IDS, CBDCs, and Credit Systems, you can really start to understand how privacy is fundamental in protecting freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and democracy.

So, stop for a second and ask, is it disturbing to you that Big Tech and the Government have so much access to all parts of your personal life?

Now, I want you to ask yourself that question, but imagine we were living in a time of dictatorship, like under Hitler, Mussolini, or Stalin.

Would you think twice about what you said knowing there is a microphone next to you at all times? What about what you texted to people? Or searched on the internet?

By having your phone with you, the government will know where you are at all times, and who you are with.

I am disturbed by that thought, especially because of how deceptive these companies are with their tracking.

Did you know that even if you turn off your phone it can still spy on you?

The same thing goes for location tracking. Even if you turn off location tracking they can still track your location.

And you will never know that they are spying on you.

But you can make sure that your phone isn’t spying on you.

I’m not saying that you should get rid of your phone.

Instead, you need to get a faraday bag.

I have tested a lot of them, and I have found my favorite brand.

They are called SLNT and they have an array of products designed for your privacy and security.

They have stylish phone bags, laptop sleeves, key fobs, and backpacks.

And when you put your device inside them, it completely blocks all Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS, Sat/NAV and EMF radiation.

I really recommend that you check out their website and get protected.

This is vital for your privacy and security, and it is the only way that you can know that your phone is not spying on you.

Thank you!

Eric Meder


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