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They are going after your kids.

The worst type of manipulation is one that targets children.

And that is the kind of manipulation that Big Tech companies and the Government are doing.

Recently, the BBC released an article called “Earth Day: How to talk to your parents about climate change

The start of the article says “You want to go vegan to help the planet, but you’re not paying for the shopping. You think trains are better than planes, but your dad books the summer holiday. Young people are some of the world’s most powerful climate leaders and want rapid action to tackle the problem.”

This is very manipulative writing. It’s using phrases like “you want” to put the reader in a position that they might not even be in. Then, they reinforce it by trying to be relatable.

It’s easy to read something like this when you are young and identify with it. Because they are writing it in a specific way. A self-righteous way. They are telling the children that it’s their DUTY to educate their parents.

This makes the children think that they have a responsibility. And they reinforce that responsibility with social pressure.

In the article they talk about three different points, How to talk about going meat-free, How to talk about flying less, and How to talk about being waste free.

Throughout the article they ask young kids/adults for advice on how they can talk to (or manipulate) their parents into following these agendas.

So, let’s take a look at these three different points and the advice that BBC is giving out to children in talking to their parents.

In the first point, How to talk about going meat-free, they talk about Ilse, who at 13 years old did research about climate change and read that cutting out red meat was a good start.

Because of this information she decided to go vegetarian. Her parents admitted that at first it was a burden, but they adapted and started cooking only vegetarian meals even though they all miss the flavor of meat.

Then in the second point, How to talk about flying less, a 21 year old named Phoebe convinced her family to go somewhere by train instead of flying abroad. Phoebe’s advice to children is ”Say something like, ‘I’m really scared about my future, these are the reason I want to do something’,”

That’s not great advice, in fact it sounds like borderline fear tactics or emotional blackmail.

Finally, in the third point, How to talk about being waste-free, in this section a 20 year old named Becky convinced her family to be waste free. She said that you need to be well-informed to show your family you have done your research.

And after that, she says you should do things like “explain why it will make their lives easier or cheaper,” and “Make connections with things they care about.”.

I was shocked when I read this article. It is a blatant attempt to manipulate children.

They even mentioned a UK based campaign called ‘Teach the Parent’ in the article.

It’s shameless to go after the youth for spreading an agenda, especially this deceptively. Members of the youth have a key role, and that is to learn, not teach.

And as adults, you have an important role as well. And that role is to teach. And part of teaching is understanding.

You have to understand that the youth of today is being manipulated.

So, when you hear them preaching, and you hear them feeling self-righteous, remember it is because of manipulation. And instead of getting angry at them, we need to retaliate with calm education.

If we get angry at the younger generation for being this way, it will only add fuel to their fire.

If you have kids, I recommend that you keep a close eye on what they consume content wise. And make sure that you teach them critical thinking skills.

Because if they don’t think for themselves, someone else will think for them.

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Thank you!

Eric Meder


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