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The Chinese Social Credit System is Coming to the USA. Part One.

This is the first video in a new series I am creating about how the elite are trying to enslave us. This is an extremely important video series, so please share this post with everyone you know and love, and your local leaders.

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Here is the transcript for this video…


Hello, my name is Glenn Meder and my business is called the Privacy Action Plan.

Welcome to my new video series titled, “The Chinese Social Credit System is Coming to the USA. The Elite want to Enslave Us All.” This is the first video in this series, so please be sure to watch the subsequent videos.

If you value freedom, you must watch this video series. This is vital information that everyone needs to know. So please watch it and share it. I believe that this is the most important thing I’ve ever created.

If you are like me, and many other people, you see that something very strange and disturbing is happening in our world right now. We see governments all around the world taking advantage of this crisis as an opportunity to gain power and seize our freedoms.

It’s hard to understand why most countries are pushing so hard to force people to have vaccines, even while the effectiveness of these vaccines crashes and natural immunity has been proven to be extremely effective, and maybe even superior to vaccines.

We seen the introduction of vaccine passports designed to separate the people who obey government from those who don’t, and this has been accompanied by rewards for those who obey and penalties for those who don’t obey.

We’ve seen aggressive PR campaigns designed to blame the unvaccinated people, even though vaccinated people are able to still transmit the disease, which is something they promised you would not be the case.

We’ve seen global lockdowns, which have been shown to have zero effect on reducing the virus, yet they destroyed hundreds of thousands of small businesses while skyrocketing the profits of big corporations and the ultra wealthy.

We see mask mandates, even though the cloth masks are useless against the virus, and most egregious is the unconscionable and brutal policy of forcing children to wear masks all day every day, even though we know that children are not at risk at all from this illness.

The media is moving in lockstep with government and Big Tech to push a narrative that ignores the real science and emphasizes censorship and cancel culture.

Top scientists, doctors and thought leaders have been censored. Free speech, which is the cornerstone of science and America itself has been crushed and social media and traditional media have been weaponized to warp science, twist medicine and create tyranny.

Many people have a sense that there is a bigger plan behind it all. And there is. But it’s hard to put the puzzle pieces together. I’m going to show you how all the puzzle pieces fit together, and once you see it, you won’t be able to unsee it.

Really quick, this video is sponsored by my business, Privacy Action Plan dot com. Please check it out.

So I want to start by saying that what we’re experiencing right now is a coordinated, global effort to implement a control system like the Chinese Social Credit System. All Western Countries are putting the pieces in place right now, and they have made a tremendous amount of progress in a very short time.

So what is the Chinese Social Credit System?

The Chinese Social Credit System is in place right now in China. This is not theory. This is not fantasy. This is in place now.

It’s a system of total surveillance, combined with very sophisticated artificial intelligence that monitors everything that people do, and it rewards people for doing things that the government WANTS them to do, and it penalizes people for doing things that the government DOESN’T WANT them to do. With this system the Chinese government is able to control everyone and make them do exactly what they want them to do.

Basically, it’s technological slavery. This is slavery 2.0. And I’m not saying that word lightly. We are actually talking about slavery.

And this Chinese Social Credit System is not fantasy, it is real. It exists now in China, and it is frighteningly effective. They are tweaking it and fine-tuning it every day. And they’re not trying to hide it. They are completely transparent about what they’re doing, how it works and their goal of using it to shape and mold the Chinese people into the perfect tool for the government.

Chinese people are learning now that there will be no dissent. There will be no challenging the power of the Chinese Communist Party, because the Chinese government now wields the most powerful social control mechanism ever created.

And the political and financial leaders in the West see the level of control that the Chinese have over their people, and they want that same amount of control. The elite want to enslave us.

So let’s look at how it works.

At the heart of the social credit system is surveillance. And I mean TOTAL surveillance at a level that has never before been possible.

In China, they have cameras everywhere. They have over 200 million cameras and this number is growing every day. These cameras collect facial recognition and body movement recognition of everyone, and of course everyone is carrying a phone, so they know the exact identity of each person.

They have cameras in schoolrooms, and they watch children’s eye movements to see if they are paying attention. They see if children are sleepy, or distracted, deceitful, or if there are mental or emotional problems. And they do this with adults too.

Of course, almost everyone has phones, and these phones track people 24/7.

They see everything you do, everywhere you go and who you are with at any time. They know who you talk to and what you say. They know what websites you visit, what news you read, what videos you watch, who you chat with, what you say, what you buy and how much money you have.

So they know everything about each person, in real time.

And here’s the thing…

You’ve heard the saying that information is power, right?

With total surveillance and artificial intelligence, they have more information than any country has ever had on its people. Imagine if the Nazi’s had this level of information on people? It would have been absolutely devastating.

So here’s a very important point…

If a country or company has INFORMATION ABOUT you they have POWER OVER you. So now we are talking about almost total information on every person in society. This is tremendous power.

And what do they do with this power?

Of course, they do what every power seeker has done throughout human history, they use it to control people.

And this is where we come to the Chinese Social Credit System.

In China you receive a Social Credit Score, and everything you do affects this score. You get rewarded for living your life in a way that the government wants you to live, and you get penalized if you go against their wishes.

At the basic level, it’s just like our financial credit score in the US. If you get a loan and do a good job paying off the loan, you get a high score. If you miss your payments you get a lower score. If you default on a loan or go bankrupt, you get a big hit to your score. This all sounds familiar, right?

But the Chinese Social Credit System goes far beyond just tracking finances.

  • Watch the news from the State media, and you get rewarded.
  • Buy diapers, which they think shows that you are a responsible parent, and you gain points.
  • Drive responsibly, and you gain points.
  • Help someone cross the road, and you gain points.
  • Care for your aging parents.
  • Turn in a lost wallet.
  • Donate blood or even bone marrow or an organ.
  • Win an athletic event.
  • Donate to college funds for poor students.
  • Sign up for the military, or even better, earn a military achievement.
  • Speak highly of your government on social media.
  • Report on one of your neighbors who is acting poorly.

All of these things will gain you points towards your score.

So how do you get rewarded if you have a high social score?

Well, they have all kinds of goodies for you. If you have a high social credit score you’ll get your name on billboards and your face on posters in your local community so everyone knows how great you are for the community.

You’ll be able to go to the front of the line at stores. Plane and train tickets are cheaper. At airports you can sit in the first class lounge. You get to board first. You get upgraded to the best seats.

You can get a loan to start a business or to buy homes and cars with no money down and with the best loan terms. You get preference in promotions, you get better jobs, and you can even work for the government, which is the best job you can get. You can get your kids into the best schools, and you even get on the best dating sites.

So it’s really desirable to get high social credit score. Your life becomes much better and you get a lot of respect and prestige from the community.

Now let’s look at the other side…

  • If you don’t visit your parents on a regular basis, you will lose points.
  • If you jaywalk, you will lose points.
  • If you’re driving and don’t stop at a crosswalk, you will lose points.
  • If you walk your dog without a leash, or if you don’t pick up after your dog, you will lose points.
  • Take someone’s seat on the train or maybe you spread out and take two seats on the train.
  • If you waste money.
  • Spend more than 12 hours a week playing video games.
  • Smoke in non-smoking zones.
  • Or if you spend too much time on social media.

These are just a small fraction of things that will lose you points.

To some people, this might sound good. Aren’t they just teaching people how to act and be a productive member of society?

But then we get into the grave offenses, such as…

  • Donate to a cause that the government doesn’t like.
  • Complain about something that the government does wrong.
  • Post a picture of Winnie the Pooh on social media, which is something that is banned in China because president Xi looks like Winnie and he’s offended when people bring it up.
  • Speak out against someone in the communist party.
  • Speak out against the communist party itself.
  • Remind someone about Tiananmen square massacre.
  • Associate with someone who has a low score.
  • If you’re an investigative journalist who investigates government practices or a government leader and you will get a big hit to your score.

These are serious offenses that will result in severe penalties. So let’s look at some of the punishments you can get if your score falls.

If your score falls, but it’s not too low…

  • You will have to attend lectures to learn how to get your score up.
  • You’re going to get visits from government officials,
  • You will get scrutiny from your boss at work,
  • You could get passed up for a promotion, or if you are looking for a job, you may not be able to find a good one.
  • Your internet speed could get throttled.
  • You won’t be able to stay in the best hotels.
  • You won’t be able to rent a good apartment.
  • Maybe get your dog taken away.
  • And of course, it will be harder to get a loan, or maybe your interest rates are higher, or you need to pay a larger downpayment.

But then if your score goes even lower you may get blacklisted. If this happens, you will experience…

  • Heavy government scrutiny.
  • You may be fired from your job.
  • Your name and face is put on public billboards for public shaming.
  • You may be banned from flying. In 2019, 23 million people were banned from flying in China due to their low social credit score.
  • If your score drops lower, you may not even be able to buy train tickets.
  • And if it drops even lower, you may not even be able to take a bus, and you may have your driver’s license take away.
  • Your children won’t be able to get into good schools.
  • You may not be allowed to buy certain items.
  • You won’t be able to get a job.
  • You won’t be able to get loans, or stay at hotels.
  • You won’t be able to find a nice place to live.
  • Your children will be locked out of many opportunities.

And if your score goes low enough, you could be thrown in jail or just disappear.

Now here’s the thing, let’s say your friend is blacklisted, and you try to call him on the phone. Before the phone connects you will get a message that says, “Be aware that the person you’re calling has been blacklisted. If you continue this call you will receive marks against you. Are you sure you want to complete this call?”

So blacklisted people get ostracized. They become social pariahs. You lose all of your friends and even family, because if they associate with you, they will get hurt.

Businesses will get marks against them if they hire or do business with blacklisted people, because businesses also have social credit scores. So businesses won’t want to hire you nor will they want to do business with you. The same thing is true of schools, so schools won’t let your kids in.

So, think of it this way; the Chinese government’s goal is to isolate people who disobey the government.

They are ISOLATED GEOGRAPHICALLY, because it will be much harder to travel. They can’t fly or take the train, but are forced to take the bus, and maybe they won’t even be able to take the bus, or maybe they will be locked in jail. They won’t be able to stay at good hotels, nor will they be able to live in good homes.

They are also ISOLATED FINANCIALLY, because they could get fired from their job and they’d have a very hard time getting another job, they lose government assistance, and they can’t take out loans or buy property or take advantage of opportunities.

And they are ISOLATED SOCIALLY, because the person is publicly shamed. No one wants to talk to you, meet you or get near you because they will get negative scores if they do. So you literally become like a contagious leper.

Now I want to add in the final element, which is the central digital currency. China is rolling out their central digital currency, and many other countries including the US also have plans to do this, and this will be the final and vital part of their control system. It will give them total surveillance and total control over everyone.

You have to understand that a central digital currency is nothing like our current financial system of cash and credit cards. It’s not just about digitally transferring money, like what happens on Visa or Mastercard systems. A Central Digital Currency is a very sophisticated computer program that is directly tied into the reward and punishment system.

They will get rid of physical cash. All transactions will happen digitally, and they will crush any alternative way of paying for something.

And like I said, the central digital currency will be completely integrated into the reward and punishment system. Controlling people’s money and being able to provide instantaneous financial rewards and punishments will be the final step to creating the ultimate system of slavery.

And let me emphasize that term, “system of slavery”, because this is exactly what it is. We’re talking about a completely impersonal, automated, and constantly tweaked reward and punishment system that can literally control the entire populous. All the leaders have to do is decide what they want the people to do, and they can tweak the rewards and punishments to get the results that they want. This is why I call this slavery 2.0.

When they implement the central digital currency, they will know every single thing you spend your money on. They will know if you give a homeless person a dollar, or if you buy a lamp at a garage sale for $5. They will be able to fine people in real time if they say something against the government. Or they could instantly freeze people’s bank accounts if they financially support a cause that goes against their wishes.

The best example of how the central digital currency will be able to control people actually happened in Canada in mid-February when Trudeau and the parliament instituted the Emergency Powers Act and froze the bank accounts of peaceful protesters AND people who donated money to them. But they quickly rolled this back because they were playing their hand too early. Canada doesn’t have their central digital currency in place yet, so people can still pull their money out of the bank and get their money out of the system, whether that means crypto currencies or gold or silver. But soon, and very soon, China and all Western countries will have the financial system totally locked down and they will be able to control people’s finances instantly and there is nothing that the people will be able to do about it.

So let’s play this out.

Right now there are investigative journalists in China who have spoken up against the government. They want to expose government corruption for what it is, like any good journalist should do. So what happens if you are one of these journalists? Your life gets destroyed. The government will blacklist you, and then your life becomes hell. Your wife doesn’t want to be with you. Your friends and family don’t want to be around you or they will also get blacklisted. Your money is gone. You can’t travel. You can’t get a home. You don’t get government handouts. You are publicly shamed and completely isolated.

People don’t care that you are doing an honorable thing by reporting the truth. They simply know that if they read what you publish, or talk to you, or associate with you, they will be punished. Most will have no idea who you are is or what you’ve done. You are an outcast, and your low score is like a contagious disease that they have to stay away from.

In this way, any Chinese dissenters will be crushed. People in the society will gladly turn anyone in who is even thinking about challenging the established power.

On the other hand, if you have a high social credit score, you are lavished with rewards. You have money, great opportunities, freedom to travel, you get on good dating sites, your children get great opportunities. You get praise from the community, and you don’t care about the people with low scores or how they are being punished.

So, if you live in China, you are going to jump when President Xi says jump. If anyone says anything negative about your country on social media, thousands or even millions of people will pounce on you and condemn you, because they will get rewarded for doing so.

This is why John Cena, a big tough Hollywood actor can be turned into a blubbering fool because he said something nice about Taiwan. The Chinese people came together in a coordinated effort to crush him and his movie, because they were rewarded for doing so. And what did he do? He begged the Chinese people for forgiveness.

This is why big companies like Disney, Nike, Apple, and the NBA and all big companies will do anything that China says, because they can instantly bring the power of the whole populous down on any company that says anything against China.

Chinese leaders now have an extremely effective and exacting way to control masses of people. Slavery 2.0

And the longer this system is in place, the more established it becomes, the more intertwined it gets with everything and the more accepted it becomes, the harder it is to challenge.

And this is how the government and financial elites want to change our system.

So I had a two goals with this first video.

First, I wanted to show you the very sophisticated system of control that the Chinese are now implementing on their people.

I wanted to show how incredibly effective it is at controlling people and crushing dissent. When this program is fully established, the Chinese people will move with one voice. They will have no choice but to obey the government.

It is mass control and technological slavery. This level of control has never been possible before in history.

And my second goal was to have you understand the control mechanism that governments and the financial elite are trying to put into place in Western countries, including the USA. In my next video I will provide indisputable evidence that this is what is happening in the US right now.

I will put the pieces in place, and when I do, you won’t be able to unsee it. It will be crystal clear, and you will be shocked.

Before we end, I want to say that this video is sponsored by my business “Privacy Action Plan”. I encourage you to get proactive about your online privacy and security. It is essential that we break away from Big Tech and Big Brother surveillance and reclaim our privacy, because freedom requires privacy. At Privacy Action Plan we teach non-techy people how to become private and secure online. So, go to and sign up today. Also, please sign up for my newsletter at

I also want to point out that I am not posting this on YouTube, and I have shut down my YouTube channel because Google is at the heart of all of this, which I will explain in a later video. This video is posted on my Rumble channel, and it’s the first video I’m posting, so please subscribe.

Again, please share this video series with everyone you can, including your State and local leaders.

Thank you!

As a final point, I want to emphasize the importance of ensuring your privacy. Privacy is essential for freedom, which is why I created the Privacy Action Plan. Please consider signing up today.

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6 thoughts on “The Chinese Social Credit System is Coming to the USA. Part One.”

    1. Hi Mike. The Privacy Action Plan is an online course that takes you through a step-by-step process of getting private and secure online. Through my research I’ve found that the number one obstacle for people to get private is that they get overwhelmed with all the knowledge they need and the actions they need to take. Yes, there is a lot to do, but this is why we send you two emails each day with little bite-sized actions to take. Instead of focusing on the big picture (which is how you get overwhelmed), just focus on the task at hand and before you know it you have your privacy figured out.

  1. Do you really expect anyone to express an honest opinion for all the world to see, after watching this video?

    How about this:
    “Winston Smith got exactly what he deserved, in ‘1984’ . . .”

    1. Your comment shows exactly the effects of what will happen if we let this system take root. We will absolutely lose our freedom. It takes courage to stand up to this, and this is why I say that this is the fight of our generation. I, obviously, have made the decision to say what needs to be said and I will continue to do so forever. If others don’t, then we will lose everything.

    1. Crypto currencies, especially privacy coins like Monero, Pirate Chain and Dero, are specifically designed so that they can’t be controlled by a central bank or a government. Governemtn/central bankers can’t control them or see what you do with them. A central digital currency on the other hand is totally controlled by the central bankers, so they can see everything you do and they can totally control everything you do. So while they seem similar, they are in fact, completely opposite. And also, let me remind you that privacy is your right and it’s my right.

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