The Internet is a Dangerous Place for Teens. You've Heard About Cyberbullies, Digital Footprints, and Online Predators. But Teens are Facing a New Threat That No Generation Has Before….

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Dear Parent...

The internet is a dangerous place for teenagers.

I'm sure you've heard about cyberbullies, digital footprints, and even worse, online predators.

But there is a new threat to teenagers online that no generation has had to deal with before...

Our teens are under attack by very sophisticated organizations.

Organizations like Google, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are using AI algorithms to manipulate the youths' state of consciousness and their perception of reality.

I know, it sounds crazy. 

But it’s true.

Recently, 60 Minutes ran a segment about TikTok, which is a Chinese-owned social media company.

The segment showed the differences between the TikTok that the Chinese youth see, which shows wholesome videos about "how to care for your grandparents", "how to get in shape", "training for the military", and other positive content.

While the version of TikTok in the US and in the West shows our youth depraved videos of violence, drugs, activists, and grooming videos that take our youth down a spiral of mental health problems.

I am sure you’ve noticed how troubled this new generation is. There are rampant mental health issues, very high suicide rates, and anti-social behavior.

One of the biggest reasons this is happening is because of social media and its manipulative algorithms.

For example, let me tell you a story about what happened to my son a couple years ago.

My son had a dramatic experience that freaked him out so much that he quit TikTok for good.

When he was around 20 years old, he was going through some hard times. He was a cook in a restaurant, and one day he was particularly upset.

He was so upset that he listened to an angry song on repeat all day.

Towards the end of the day, when he was in a particularly bad place, he took out his phone, logged into TikTok and a meme showed up on his timeline that looked like this…

Re-creation of meme that Eric saw.

So, do you think that it was a coincidence that he saw this meme?

What are the chances that a line cook who had been listening to that song all day would get this “meme” by accident?

The chances are so low, it’s impossible.

There's no doubt in my mind that this meme was created in the moment just for him, and it was created with just one purpose: to push him over the edge.

So, how can this be?

I’m sure you’ve heard about artificial intelligence (AI), right?

Just to be clear, AI is not about creating a computer that can think like you and me. 

AI is an amazingly sophisticated computer program that can be used to watch each person in real-time and learn their hot buttons and then create content that is specifically geared to push those hot buttons.

It’s psychological warfare. And it’s in use today.

And before you write this off as insane, let me show you the level of AI that is already available to the PUBLIC.

Here is a quick example of an AI program that is owned by Meta (Facebook’s new name).

All you have to do is type in any text and it will generate a video based on what you type in.

To be clear, this is not a video that is found on the internet somewhere. It is ACTUALLY INSTANTLY CREATING THIS VIDEO OUT OF NOTHING BUT THE WORDS YOU TYPE. And this is happening without human intervention.

Now get ready, because this is going to blow your mind

For this first example, all you have to do is type in these words: “A teddy bear painting a portrait” and 

This the video that it creates instantly...

Shocking, right?

Now let's type in something more complex: “A fluffy baby sloth with an orange knitted hat trying to figure out a laptop close up highly detailed studio lighting screen reflecting in its eye.” 

And this is the video that the AI instantly created (look particularly at the light reflecting in the sloth's eyes!).

And remember, this is the AI technology that's available to the general public. Imagine what Big Tech and Governments have!

So let me ask you...

Do you think it’s a stretch that AI could create a simple meme, like the one that my son saw?

Of course it could. It would be child’s play.

But how would it know which of his buttons to push?

That would also be child's play.

Big Tech knows everything about you, all the time. Where you are. What you do. What emotional state you are in. What music you listen to. And it knows when you are particularly vulnerable.

And, once it has this information, it can easily create unique content for you on the fly.

To the person seeing it, it can shatter their psyche.

And no, my son wasn’t individually targeted. In fact, this is happening to everyone in the younger generation.

The people in charge of the AI can just program it with the end goal in mind, and then the AI can work with each person individually to show them content that destroys their state of mind.

So, the Chinese government can tell TikTok’s programmers that they want to destabilize the youth in the West. The programmers will then give the AI this goal. Then the AI would take each teen down their own customized rabbit hole. 

And they would have NO IDEA that they are being manipulated!

This isn't just happening on TikTok. Google does this. Facebook does this. In fact, almost all Big Tech companies do this.

These people are evil, and they certainly do not have the best interest of your child or America at heart.

Think about what the younger generation is going through these days. They are lost, battling with severe depression, increased suicides, and dramatic radicalization. They are losing their moral compass, and do not know where to go.

Why? It’s because they are under attack. This is all planned. And it’s working.

No other generation in history has experienced the sophisticated pressures that this generation faces.

And yes, I know, this is all very overwhelming. It sounds like it’s straight out of a sci-fi.

But unfortunately, it’s true, and we have to protect our youth from it.

That’s why I created a new exclusive training class called “Teens Under Attack”.

This class will show you how to teach your teens about the new risk of being online and how they can protect themselves.

Yes, we also talk about the more traditional risks, including the hordes of dangerous creeps who target teens online.

But we want to wake them up to the very sophisticated manipulation that is going on right now.

The training series is both quick and powerful.

The first lesson is designed for parents, so we can discuss in detail the threats that teenagers face, what to look out for, and ways that you can connect with your teens to get them to care about this issue.

The second lesson will be for teenagers AND parents. We want to explain the threats very clearly without freaking the teens out. We want them to learn how to properly think about the very sophisticated online threats they now face. We will also tell them some strategies they can use to stay safe and private online.

Your teen will also get an eBook for FREE, which was designed by my 24-year-old son, who grew up with the internet as a big part of his teenage years.

You can print out the eBook and look over it whenever you want.

This is an important class, and we are offering it at a special discounted rate for its launch.

If you have any teens in your life, I really recommend that you get this training and educate them on how they can protect themselves.

I hope to see you in the class!

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- A Special Note from My Son, Eric -

Thank you for reading this page and educating yourself on the issues going on in the world.

I know, this information is really overwhelming. I’ve seen it firsthand and can hardly believe it myself.

But it’s true. And it’s very sad.

The way social media shows you content is very psychological. By creating a profile on you, the algorithm knows what buttons to push.

And when you’re constantly being shown content similar to your interests, it’s natural for you to agree with it.

In the example Glenn gave, the meme I saw said, "When you are a line cook and listen to ‘such and such’ song on repeat and want to kill yourself."

For me, I was a line cook and I listened to that song all the time, so it’s clear to see why any third point would resonate with me.

It’s basic psychological manipulation, if you like something, you tend to relate with it.

These posts invade your thoughts and change the way you perceive reality.

When you're constantly being force-fed negative information, your world view will reflect it.

The only way you can truly avoid being brainwashed is by being aware, questioning what you are “mentally” consuming, and knowing who you are.

But this is a lot to ask of a teenager or young adult. This is the time where they are trying to figure that all out. 

That’s exactly why teens are being targeted.

I really hope this course can help you and the teenagers in your life understand what is going on.

These companies and algorithms are evil, and we need to fight back against them.

I am very grateful I was able to see through it, and I have my father to thank for that.

I am also very grateful to be part of the Privacy Action Plan, where I can stand up for what is right and see a wonderful community of people who feel the same way.

So, thank you very much. I know you will love this training.

Eric Meder

Protect Your Teen With

  Our "Teens Under Attack" 
Online Course and Ebook...


ONLY $49

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