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Hackers and Scammers

  • The one simple shift that can immediately make you into a hard target – so hackers, scammers and thieves simply give up and go looking for an easier victim.

  • The “pig butchering” scam… how to spot it… and the only way to avoid it.

  • My special “tap on the knee” technique that instantly trains you to see what’s happening around you so you never get sucked into any online con.

  • The “football quiz question” that can help you spot an online scammer before she robs you blind.

  • The REAL reason hackers go after data from big dumb companies and why corporate carelessness is your

  • The three simple steps you can take today that show any hacker you are a hard target and impossible to scam.

  • How to spot and sidestep phishing scams.

  • The “Hello Grandma” scam and how to spot it – along with the three things you must never do if someone calls you asking for money.

Microphones and Cameras

  • How to block your laptop webcam, phone camera and home security cameras to prevent scumbags and perverts from watching you in your most intimate activities.

  • My recommendation for the best webcam covers and microphones blockers on the market. (Over 90% of the ones you see online don’t actually work!)

  • The #1 way to make sure your smart TV isn’t spying on you and harvesting your data and why you must never trust the software – even if it says it’s turned off!

  • The single best piece of cheap hardware that secures your TV and all your home electronic devices from sending sensitive data back to your internet service provider.

Strong Passwords

  • Why having secure passwords is the #1 most important step in your online security- and how to create, store and easily access unique passwords that would take millions of years to hack even by the fastest supercomputers.

  • The brain-dead way most people create passwords that any sophisticated hacker can crack in three seconds flat! (Do NOT make this mistake!)

  • My #1 recommended open-source password manager that’s both highly encrypted AND convenient. (This is by far the single most important tool for making yourself impossible to hack.)

  • The step-by-step way to get unhackable passwords so you never have to worry about your online security again.

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"My readers absolutely rave about Glenn Meder's Privacy Action Plan. Here's how anyone, regardless of technical knowledge, can secure their online privacy."
Tom Woods
Best Selling Author, World Renowned Libertarian
"Glenn Meder's Privacy Action Plan is the real thing. It actually does what it claims to do - and more. It's a great comfort to have access to such broad knowledge and practical guidance."
G Edward Griffin
Best Selling Author, World Renowned Freedom Fighter
"Online privacy is one of the most important issues of our time. It's essential that parents and children learn how to protect themselves and their freedom. Glenn is an excellent teacher, and is an expert at taking complicated subjects and making them simple."
Connor Boyack
Best Selling Author, World Renowned Libertarian

"There are a lot of privacy experts out there who focus on technical jargon.  What sets Glenn apart from the rest is that he has the ability to take complex technical issues and make them simple to understand. Even an 8 year old or an 80 year old who struggles with computers can have faith in the fact that they can learn how to get private and secure online."

John Bush
World Renowned Freedom Fighter

Email Risks And Solutions

  • How to clean up your inbox… stop the avalanche of spam… and move to a privacy email service without getting overwhelmed.

  • How to lock down your current email in under five minutes – so you’re no longer at risk of getting hacked. (**NOTE: All a hacker needs is access to your email and he can reck havoc on your life by accessing anything and everything tied to that email address – including your bank accounts!)

  • The two best open source, encrypted email providers with enough features and functionality to be convenient.

  • The important limitations of ALL encrypted email… (if you don’t know this, your emails will not be secure.)

  • How to send password-protected emails to non-encrypted email addresses like Gmail.

Privacy Browsers

  • The number one browser that doesn’t track (or “leak”) your data – and yet still offers enough robust features to be truly convenient.

  • The best search engine to use so you can browse with confidence without worrying about anyone seeing what you’re looking at online.

  • Easy ways you can avoid using big tech software that preys on your data.

  • Access to uncensored, and “non-manipulated” search results.

Privacy VPNs

  • The top three options for privacy VPNs giving you a private, encrypted tunnel to the internet.

  • How to set-up and use your own VPN.

  • The #1 most important step most people forget when setting up a VPN.

Privacy and Your Phone

  • The only two things hackers and thieves need to wreck your entire life – and how to make sure they can’t get access to them.

  • Why Big Tech and Big Brother insist you carry your phone at all times and what you should carry instead.

  • How to eliminate the risk of a “sim-swap” attack and what you need to know about your phone carrier.

  • The one situation when you MUST ditch your old phone for a new one.

  • Three things you should never put on your phone. (**NOTE: If your phone is ever stolen, you are truly sunk if thieves can access these three things.)

Phone Apps and Privacy

  • The apps you must never download onto your phone.

  • The only secure way you should ever access sensitive apps like encrypted email and messaging.

  • The sneaky trick that gives you access to all your favorite sites without downloading potentially dangerous and privacy destroying apps. (**NOTE: This is how you avoid giving away personal information to untrustworthy companies and app developers.)

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