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Get Real-Time Access to PERSONAL HELP So You Can Take Back Your Online Privacy Even Faster!

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Get Monthly Access to The Privacy Academy Group Coaching Calls


  • Get access to me and my team so you can get your questions answered quickly each week…
  • Find out how to work through any technical challenges or technology glitches you may experience…
  • Get real-time help as I demonstrate solutions live on our weekly coaching calls…
  • Access The Privacy Academy Community where members can interact and share solutions to privacy-related topics…
  • Normally $67/month – Lock in your membership today for just $20/month.
  • This is a one-time offer.
  • No contracts of obligations. Cancel anytime!



No thanks, I’m not ready to take you up on this one-time offer. I’ll pass on this opportunity to join Group Coaching. I understand that, by clicking this link, I risk missing out on this deal forever.

Hi, it’s Glenn.

I promised I would give you a way to speak with me and my team of privacy experts once a week – that way you can achieve total privacy and security even faster. So…

As a special “thank you” for joining The Privacy Action Plan – I have something awesome to share with you.

I want to give you an opportunity to get personal help implementing The Privacy Action Plan Fundamentals.

I call it, The Privacy Academy Community.

It allows you to interact directly with me and my team of privacy experts – getting our personal time, help and guidance for any questions or confusion you may be facing.

If you’re the kind of student who does better having personal access to your teacher… this is your chance.

Because now you can join my weekly Group Coaching calls and learn directly how to apply The Privacy Action Plan to your specific situation…

And the cost? Less than a dollar a day.

(Unless, of course, you prefer to pay me $70,000 like my Enterprise business clients!)

Here’s how it works:

Once a week, you send in your questions via our dedicated member’s only platform – detailing any challenges, obstacles, or observations about things you need clarified…

Then, once a week, you and a few other students jump on a live coaching calll with me or a dedicated privacy expert..

Where we explain anything that may be holding you back and show you exactly where to go inside your Privacy Action Plan to move past your obstacles.

If you miss the live call, don’t worry. I will post replays of all call recordings for an entire week so you can watch them later at your convenience.

This is the fastest way to power through your Privacy Action Plan learning – and the straightest path to your online privacy goals.

Plus… it’s fun!

But I’m not the only one who enjoys our little group calls…

This is the fastest way to learn and apply the principles, tips, tactics and strategies covered in The Privacy Action Plan Fundamentals.

And this is the lowest cost I ever offer to get our personal help via my Privacy Academy Group Coaching.  

This weekly Group Coaching option cuts your learning curve from weeks to days… And from days to hours.

Getting my personal help is the single fastest way to optimize your learning experience – so you can rest easy by getting the fundamentals in place quickly.

But instead of paying me the thousands of dollars I normally charge to private clients…

You can get access to my personal insights inside The Privacy Academy Group Coaching…

For just $20 a month.

Cancel anytime. Or stay as long as you wish.

Your price for weekly Group Coaching is locked in for life at $20 per month – even when I raise the price in the future.

The only “catch” is…

You Will Never See This Offer Again.



I am only doing this for my existing students and you are only seeing this because you already put your trust in me by purchasing The Privacy Action Plan.  

This is your chance to lock in the lowest price I ever offer for personal access where I answer your questions directly in our live coaching room.

As a student of The Privacy Action Plan, you already get a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee on the course.

Which means you can:

Dig into the entire Privacy Action Plan member’s area…

Watch all the videos

Download all the lectures and print documents…

And then, jump on our weekly Group Coaching call so you can implement what you are learning with confidence – and finally take back your online privacy…

If, within 30 days, you are not completely convinced The Privacy Action Plan will give you everything you need to reclaim your online privacy (and your peace of mind)…

Simply email me at [email protected].

And you’ll get a full, prompt refund for your online materials.**

Then with The Privacy Academy Group Coaching, you get to learn and apply The Privacy Action Plan even faster. Which means faster, easier results for you.

But you have to decide now…

The Privacy Academy Group Coaching for the low price of just $20 per month is only available on this page...

Once you click off this page, you will never see it again at this special low price. 

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, click the “Yes, I Want to Join The Privacy Academy Community” button below.

When you do, your card will be charged $20 a month.

No thanks, I’m not ready to take you up on this one-time offer. I’ll pass on this opportunity to join Group Coaching. I understand that, by clicking this link, I risk missing out on this deal forever.

**While I always stand behind my 30 day money-back guarantee for The Privacy Action Plan materials, I cannot offer refunds for The Privacy Acedemy Group Coaching Calls. The time I spend helping you on a live call, is time I cannot get back. So please only join if you know you want my personal help.

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