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Special Event: Live Crypto Q&A Webinar Replay!

We had a fantastic live Q&A Webinar on Thursday. These Q&A Webinar Replays are usually only posted inside the course for paying members of the Privacy Action Plan, but I think this is a great opportunity for people who aren’t members yet to see what we do in the course and the level of content that we provide. So this Q&A Webinar is posted for all to see.

This was a special Q&A Lesson because in this lesson we discussed crypto currency, which is a little bit outside of the normal topics we discuss in the Privacy Action Plan. I invited Marc Goldman to join me for this discussion. Marc is a crypto expert, he’s the guy that I turn to for crypto advice and we share a common perspective on what’s happening in the world regarding government crackdowns on freedom. Marc has a course/community for learning crypto, and if you are interested in crypto I recommend that you join his course, which is for beginners and advanced persons. If you want to join his course, go here. He is offering our audience a special offer for joining his course if you join within the next 3 days. To take advantage of this discount, please use the coupon code “GLENN” or “GLENN2”.

Full disclosure, yes, I get an affiliate commission if you sign up with my coupon code. I don’t recommend any product or service I don’t believe in and use myself.


P.S. Please comment and tell me how you liked this Q&A Webinar!


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