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Skill session on how to stop technical surveillance (camera and microphone spying)…

This weekend I interviewed my friend (and privacy expert) Ric.

Ric is the owner of the brand “Mic-Lock”, which many of you know is a company all about privacy and security gear.

He specializes in things like webcam covers, microphone blockers, hidden camera detectors, and USB datablockers.

Ric has a lot of knowledge in this area.

We discussed privacy, hidden cameras, and technical surveillance (like how the Hackers, Big tech and the Government can spy on you through your phone or laptop).

I’m sure you remember when Edward Snowden revealed that webcams could be hacked by the government and have heard horror stories of creeps hacking into webcams online.

This is really creepy stuff, and with modern technology, we are literally bringing cameras and microphones with us at all times.

It’s a privacy nightmare.

Ric and I talked about what’s going on behind the scenes, as well as simple steps you can take to prevent this sort of spying.

These skill sessions are always a lot of fun and Ric is a ‘fan favorite’.

We also talked about how big tech companies are silencing companies like Ric’s. And how small freedom oriented businesses, like ours and Ric’s are reliant on the freedom community.

And since we held this class, Ric wanted to say thank you and created a special giveaway code on his website.

If you order more than $50, he will send you a bundle filled with more than $60 worth of privacy products.

You can ​check out his website here.​

The coupon code for the free bundle is: privacyaction

But keep in mind, he has a limited number of free bundles so if you’re interested, make sure you order before they sell out.

I really recommend that you do, because covering your cameras, and blocking your microphone is the easiest and most effective way to get private.

Thank you!

Glenn Meder


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