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Replay of Interview with Ric Ralston

Last night I had a great conversation with Ric Ralston, the president of Mic-Lock, about privacy, and we had about 400 people join us live. It was actually a fantastic conversation. I learned a lot, as did everyone who attended. Here is the replay…

We discussed the scourge of hidden cameras that are plaguing hotels, rental homes, schools, and more. It is so bad in fact, that Seoul Korea has hired 8,000 workers to keep inspecting the public bathrooms around the city!!!

We also discussed how sickos, schools, sextorsionists and the NSA hack into your webcam and can spy on you in your home. Not only this, but if they are successful at hacking your webcam, they most likely will not keep it to themselves. They could livestream it on many different darkweb websites.

We discussed your microphone and how apps on your phone listen to you, EVEN WHEN THOSE APPS AREN’T TURNED ON.

We also discussed something called Juice Jacking.

Plus we answered a TON of your questions.

Please watch the video replay, and share this with others!

Ric presented two fantastic special offers. Not only do both have a huge discount, but you will also get a free pack of goodies for each bundle that you purchase (explained in the video at about the 51 minute mark).

The first is a bundle is on a hidden camera detector kit.

The second bundle is on a bundle of mic-locks to lock down your microphone.

Use the coupon code “privacyaction10” when you purchase.

Also, if you don’t want to order one of the bundles, you can simply buy whatever you want and use the above coupon code and you will get 10% off.

Enjoy the video!



7 thoughts on “Replay of Interview with Ric Ralston”

  1. alison H Cline

    I’m talking on my iphone 6. If I have the device plugged into my phone do I understand I can hear what the other person is saying, but they can not hear me? and no one else can hear the conversation? If you can not answer this question is there someone with this company that I can actually talk with who can answer my questions?

  2. I just tried to place orders for both package deals but it would not accept the code privacyactionnow…itgave the discount but no extra bonus for each order. Said the code did not apply to my order! HELP, U want to order both butalsowant the free extras with each as offered.

  3. I watched the replay and it is now 7:05!pm PT. I don’t see a order page —can I order by phone? I wanted to order both special bundles — one for cameras and the other microphones each $89.99. Plus 2 free This is my first order so I signed up with my e-mail for 8% discount but I think Glen said that was only for individual items.

    Also, those webcams people mount in their cars to video their drives so in the event of an accident you have proof of what happened. Do those have to be connected to the internet to work? And if so. then that info is available to people you are not even aware of?

  4. I just ordered the camera detector order #3986MLC, but forgot to enter the code for freebies, can I still get the freebie package?
    Thank You

  5. A little too much self promotion and product promotion for people who don’t have the time to devote to such. Today we are constantly being bombarded by promoters who begin with a known scare, who put it on steroids and then offer the solution to all of our problems. Yes, we live in a terrible and frightening world, but too many folks take advantage of this and fashion themselves as our “guardians” and ” saviors”.

    1. Peter, I am unapologetic about any promotion that we did. First of all, we didn’t fearmonger. We talked about real issues and I shared the news reports to support the claims. Yes, hidden cameras are a problem. Yes, webcam hackers are a problem. As are the other things we talked about. I’m sure you learned something new, right? And yes, we offered the solutions to those problems. I invited the best person I know of who can address these issues. He created the best products on the market to deal with these issues. And in order for me to stay in business and keep providing value to people, I receive a small commission on any sales made. I am not recommending these products because of this commission. I’m recommending them because they are the best products. Ric has put a lot of work into creating his prducts, and I am helping him get the word out. This is the highest form of capitalism that there is. And no, capitalism is not bad. Capitalism = solving problems for people. I believe in capitalism, and the free market. If you don’t want to listen, don’t listen.

  6. Please send me a Mik Lock link to the offers you have via this seminar. I’m watching a recording and don’t see chat or any links.

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