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Did you see my interview with Ramiro Romani last night?

It was fantastic, and we received a ton of great questions! One of the main questions we received is “Will there be a replay of this interview?”

Yes! You can watch the replay of it here.

Phones are surveillance machines. They constantly track your location, who you talk to, what you search, and worst of all the cameras and microphones can be turned on at any time to spy on you.

It’s not just big tech and big brother who target phones either. Hackers and scammers target phones and the damages are unbelievable. Just think of all the information that is on your phone, and what could happen if that fell into the wrong hands.

Ramiro did a great job of explaining the threats, but also giving great usable tips that you can implement today.

He also talked about his company Above Phone, which is the phone that I use myself.

Above Phones are so much better than mainstream phones because they are privacy/freedom focused. The phone comes with a VPN, private email, search engine, encrypted chat, and more when you purchase it.

The Above Phone is set up to protect you against the three layers of mobile tracking: telecom data collection, the operating system, and the apps we use.

And transitioning to an Above phone is super easy.

If you purchase one, they offer a free 30-minute video call for guided setup, as well as 24/7 email/chat support.

Since we held this interview the other day, Ramiro wanted to give you all a special discount.

He offered two special bundles…

But you’ll want to act fast because the offer is only valid until Sunday June 18th at 10pm CST.

Thank you!

Glenn Meder

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