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Replay is Up! Phone Privacy Part 2

We had a fantastic livestream interview last night with Mark Kreitzman from Efani. This was part two in our discussion on phone privacy, and the topic was your cell phone provider.

Because your physical phone is only half of the equation, right? A phone is useless without your cell phone provider, but are our cell phone service providers safe and secure? That’s what we discussed in this interview. We had a TON of questions (well over 75) and I’m sorry to say that we didn’t get to them all, but I will invite Mark on again to talk about this further.

Here’s the video…

Mark did offer our audience a special offer that will be up until the end of June. Their service costs $99/m or $999 per year. No contract.

If you sign up with this link you will receive your second month free on the monthly plan, or you will receive $100 off the annual plan.

To get this special offer, go here. And in the “Referred By” field, enter PAP. This will give you your special offer.

Please tell me how you liked this interview and tell me who else you’d like me to interview. Thank you!!!

Glenn Meder

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