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Private Cell Service

SIM swapping is one of the fastest growing dangerous hacks out there... this is the only way to protect yourself.

If someone gains control of your phone number, they can use it to access your email, bank accounts, social media, and any other online accounts that use your phone number for verification purposes.

This kind of hack is common, and it’s called SIM Swapping.

A lot of the times, all a hacker has to do is call your phone service provider and pretend that they are you.

It’s unbelievable how often this actually works.

Hackers only need basic information like your name, date of birth, and home address to steal your phone number.

And once a hacker gets access to your phone number, they’ll instantly go online and reset the passwords to all of your accounts.

What’s really scary about this, is that it’s completely out of your hands. It’s in the hands of your service provider. And frankly, I don’t feel safe trusting any of the big ones.

But Efani is America’s number 1 secure provider. They are so secure that they provide 11 layers of proprietary authentication protection backed with a $5M Insurance Coverage.

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