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More does not mean better.

We are constantly being sold the newest phone, app, and “groundbreaking” technologies that are coming out.

But the truth is, do you really need a phone that has a slightly better camera? Do you need another app that tracks your steps and location?

It’s easy to say yes, when the applications are free, but they still come at a cost. And that cost is your privacy and security.

And studies show that 77% of users never use an app again 72 hours after installing.

So, I’d like to present a new idea to you, and that is called digital minimalism.

I recommend you look through the applications on your phone and be honest with yourself, is this really an application you use?

Because every application is a “backdoor” to all of your information. A great example of this was a Flashlight application that was on the Google Play store.

When people downloaded this flashlight application, it installed a malware program called BankBot onto their phone.

Once the person on the phone logs into a banking app, Bankbot captures all of their information and even captures any 2FA texts sent to their phone.

So, the more applications you have, the more likely it is that your information will get compromised.

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Eric Meder


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