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Modern cars are designed to control you

Last year, BMW announced that some luxury features in your car (like seat warmers) require a monthly fee.

I know, it sounds like a joke. But sadly, it’s true, and it’s only going to get worse.

For example, Ford has just submitted a patent that will allow them to “remotely shut down your radio or air conditioning, lock you out of your vehicle, or prompt it to ceaselessly beep if you miss car payments” (According to a report from Bloomberg).

They also designed it so things like cruise control and automated windows can be shut down, just to cause discomfort for the people inside the vehicle.

Now, imagine you’re having a hard time financially, and you find yourself in an emergency situation. Maybe there’s a fire, or you need to drive to a loved one’s house ASAP.

But, unfortunately, you were late on this month’s car payment. You try desperately to get into YOUR car, and it locks you out.

It’s sad that this is a future we even have to consider. But this is the future of “you own nothing, and you will be happy” that the WEF is trying to push on us.

And it is also the future of tech totalitarianism that is slowly being indoctrinated.

If you partner this technology with an out-of-control government, you can see how easily they can cripple dissidents, or opposing viewpoints.

Let’s say a social credit score is implemented, now they have the potential to take away your ability to drive. And all they have to do is push a button.

So, what can we do to stop this?

First, you need to stay up to date on information. Like I mentioned before, the indoctrination is slow, and if you don’t think critically you won’t notice it. For example, Tesla’s are filled with cameras and microphones. They say that the cameras and microphones are important for when the car is in auto-pilot mode and for general security. Most people wouldn’t question this, but you have to stop and think about why they really might be doing this.

Second, consider alternatives. Consider getting a car that is a bit older and still reliable. Maybe take some basic classes so you can learn how to fix simples issues on your car.

Third, fight back against laws that are limiting old cars on the road. This is one way they are trying to push everyone to modern vehicles.

Finally, share this article with your friends and family. Strength is in numbers.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

Thank you!
Eric Meder


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