(*NEEDS VID*)Identifying The Three Major Threats…

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There are three major threats to your privacy...

Big Tech and Big Brother are working together…

Things like:

  • CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies)
  • Social Credit Systems
  • Digital IDs
  • Vaccine Passports

Can only exist because of the surveillance state that exists today. These are unbelievably scary issues that will destroy our freedom. All of the technological “puzzle pieces” are in place, but they are being slow and deceitful in rolling them out. This “threat” is actually our main focus, but before we get into that…

Hackers, Scammers, and Voyeurs are the immediate threat.

While CBDCs, Social Credit Systems, Digital IDs, and Vaccine passports are scary, they are all things on the horizon. You could be hacked or scammed TODAY! It happens all the time, and that is why we start our course with this subject. After we have established the basics there, we can move on to the larger issues of big tech and big brother.

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