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Is your webcam covered?

If you are reading this article and you still haven’t covered your webcam, do it now.

It’s one of the first tips I tell people when they ask me what they should do to get private.

The truth is, there are some really nasty people online. And those people hack webcameras just to spy on people like you and me.

The worst part is you won’t even know that you’re webcamera was hacked.

Sometimes these hackers livestream your room 24/7 to the dark web. Sometimes they record you during private moments and blackmail you with it in what is called “sextortion”.

Here is a quote from Miss Teen USA talking about her experience of her laptop’s webcam being hacked.

“I was out to dinner with my friends when I got a Facebook notification that somebody in another state had logged into my account and tried to change my password. Thirty minutes later, I got an email from who I assumed to be the culprit. It said if I didn’t do what was asked of me, “every photo I have of you” was going to be posted on my social accounts, which he had gained control of. I had no idea what he was talking about until I scrolled down to the very end of the email. There were two photos of me in my bedroom taken through my webcam. I later found out he had been spying on me for over a year, from my senior year of high school to when I received that first email during my freshman year of college.”

It takes a lot of strength for her to share her story. She has even admitted that she has developed permanent trust issues because of it.

Remember, she was spied on for a YEAR, before the hacker contacted her.

A lot of people say you can just cover your camera with masking tape, but the truth is a lot of cameras can still see through it.

I’ve also heard stories of people scratching their cameras with masking tape.

I recommend that you  check out Mic-Lock for your webcam covers.  

I have become friends with the owner and I use their products myself. They’re the best ones I’ve found on the market.

Also, they have great microphone blockers to prevent hackers and big brother spying through your microphones.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Please share our blog with your friends and family.

Thank you!

Eric Meder


2 thoughts on “Is your webcam covered?”

  1. First, great interview with Mic-Lock. Thanks.
    I have been covering my front-facing phone camera with Scotch Matte Finish Magic Tape, because when I covered it with painters tape the phone automatically shuts down. I saw a mention in your blog that masking tape is inadequate, so is this tape inadequate as well?
    I cover the cameras on the back with dark blue painters tape. Is that inadequate?

    Thank you

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