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Is AI going to take your job?

For years, Truckers have been worried about self-driving cars taking their jobs.

But after AI’s recent surge in growth, it’s not just truckers that are afraid.

Earlier this year, a rabbi named Joshua Franklin announced that he was going to give a plagiarized sermon.

After he finished the sermon he revealed that it was written by ChatGPT. He requested that it write a 1000-word sermon related to a specific part of the Torah that they were reviewing.

To his shock, many of the congregants applauded.

But is this really something to be celebrated?

AI is already more powerful than I could have imagined, and to be honest it can be pretty scary.

We’re reaching a point where the content that AI is creating is indecipherable from a real person, whether it’s artwork, deepfake videos or audio, or even writing.

In fact, the other day I read a joke generated by ChatGPT that made me laugh really hard.

But where does it end?

Now people are even turning to AI for therapy.

So, that brings the important question: Can we trust AI?

Well let’s look at ChatGPT for example.

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT was founded in 2015. One of the Co-Founders was Elon Musk. He made OpenAI to help fight against the dangers of artificial intelligence but resigned in 2018.

Elon Musk is on the record of saying “OpenAI was started as open source and nonprofit. Neither is still true.”

Now let’s jump forward to 2023, Microsoft announced that they will be investing multiple BILLION dollars into ChatGPT and OpenAI.

That’s not too comforting, because we know how much Microsoft deceptively spies on their user’s data.

They are not to be trusted.

Especially when you look at Bill Gates, and his deep ties to the World Economic Forum.

Now that we have seen how powerful AI is, I’m sure you can imagine how dangerous it can be if it falls into the wrong hands.

Social agendas can be pushed harder, and information can be manipulated even easier than in the past.

Another big problem with ChatGPT is the amount of fake information it is putting out.

Sometimes it makes up fake facts, and sometimes it even makes up fake quotes.

The company OpenAI had a fact sheet that included a list of ChatGPT’s limitations, some of them included producing harmful/biased content, and occasionally providing inaccurate responses.

Now keep in mind, ChatGPT is just one AI software. There are many, but the threat is very real.

So, if you are wanting to keep your job, or push back against AI in general, now is the time to do it.

Stand up for your rights, learn as much as you can about AI so you can know its limits. Be careful of what you read, see, or hear online now more than ever.

We are entering a new world. But that doesn’t mean you are helpless.

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ChatGPT (Just kidding)

Eric Meder


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