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Google’s Surveillance is Getting Out of Hand…

Google wants to know what color of underwear you are wearing…

I’m not joking even though it sounds like a joke. Google (and Big Tech) want to know everything about you down to the smallest detail…

It’s common knowledge that Google listens to you without your consent. Even the most “anti-conspiracy theorist” people know this is true.

I’m sure you’ve been creeped out before when you saw an ad online for something you were just talking about in real life!

But Google’s spying isn’t just to give you “personalized ads” or “personalized search results”. In reality, it’s much more sinister.

So why does Google (and Big Tech) want to know everything about you?

Well, I tried to answer it in today’s video…

Many people know that Big Tech is “in bed” with Big Brother, but did you know that Google’s origins come from CIA and NSA funds? It’s no accident.

The internet is designed to be a surveillance tool.

And Google is one of the worst.

Google has been caught…

  • Placing microphones in their devices without letting people know.
  • Tracking phones even if you disabled “Location Tracking” and don’t have a SIM card in.
  • Storing the unconsensual voice recordings that they gather from their devices for posterity.

I’ll cover all of that and MORE in today’s video.

I really recommend that you watch it here.

I hope you enjoy this video. We started making these free videos as a way for you to easily spread this information and to encourage you to share it with your friends and family. I really think it is vital to know.

If you have any feedback, or requests for future videos please don’t hesistate to reach back out.

Thank you!

Eric Meder

PS. In today’s video, I also mention a free eBook that we have made all about “De-Googling Your Life”. If you were interested in that eBook, you can find it in the video’s description.


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