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“De-Google” Your Phone

Out of all the classes we hold, phone privacy is one of the most important. The digital surveillance state that exists today relies HEAVILY on cellphones.

They track almost everything about you.

And it’s hard to understand the danger, because when you hold a phone, it’s just a small black brick with a screen. It’s hard to imagine that the black brick you’re holding is a weapon against you.

That’s why I try to use the analogy of an FBI agent. Imagine if instead of a phone, you had a personal FBI Agent that would do whatever you told him… like sending messages for you, searching the web, helping you with online transactions, giving you directions, or showing you videos, but the only caveat is that they will spy on you the whole time you’re doing it.

And not only are they spying, but they are also making a profile on you based off of the information that they collect.

For example, that agent would be able to figure out your “hot buttons” based off of what you search, what videos you watch, and how you react to them.

That profile on you is constantly being updated so that they can manipulate you better. Just think about social media algorithms, or recommended ads. It’s not a coincidence.

But there’s good news, you can stop phone surveillance. The profile that they created on you only works because they are constantly collecting data.

You can stop the flow and regain your privacy. It’s not too late.

And since I have held this special class, I wanted to help you take the first step. That’s why I partnered with Above Phone, our personal favorite private phone out there (and the phones we personally use).

Above Phones are de-googled and private out of the box. They seamlessly integrate with your existing cell service and work internationally.

We have created special bundles with Above Phone that include a case, screen protector, audio adapter, extra storage, and a free 45 – minute support call with the Above Phone team to help you get your new phone set up.

We are also pre-loaded the phone with our recommended privacy apps. And on top of that, we are also holding a special “set-up class” in May for everyone who purchases a phone this week.

These bundles are also greatly discounted, you can save up to $500 on already discounted bundles. The special offer only lasts until next Sunday, so if you want to stop phone privacy, ​I recommend getting one before the offer ends.​

I hope you enjoyed the class, and I hope that you get a private phone as well. Because when more people have private phones, the surveillance state gets weaker!


Thank you!

Glenn Meder


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