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Convenience but at what cost?

Have you noticed that it’s practically impossible to buy a “dumb tv” anymore?

Many people wouldn’t notice this. They’d just assume it’s better that TV’s have cameras and microphones, because it makes their life more convenient.

But the truth is, these big companies are not doing this for user convenience. These features are a backdoor into the customer’s life. And they can use that to capture as much data as they want.

The problem is, these companies are great marketers, and it can be very hard to spot dangers because of this.

But let’s say you purchased a new Tesla (or any electric car). This car is filled with cameras and microphones. It has self-driving capabilities and a very powerful GPS system.

So, to an average Joe, that sounds great: Voice commands while you are busy driving. Never getting lost because of great GPS. And even taking a break from driving while you are in the driver’s seat.

But in reality, this could also mean that you are constantly being recorded and listened to. Your locations are being tracked, and worst case scenario, you could lose control of your driving.

That’s right, if cars have self-driving capabilities, that means companies or governments could prevent: where you drive, how fast you drive, and if you can drive at all.

Now the real danger comes when there are no other options. Once all cars have features like this, then the control is completely out of your hands.

That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to the new “features” that are part of technology and using discernment to judge if there is an alternative motive.

Although you might lose convenience in the short term, you are choosing freedom. And by opting out of supporting these companies, you are supporting companies who are trying to create alternative freedom based products.

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Eric Meder


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