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Phishing scams are getting more dangerous…

Online scams are happening at an alarming rate. I was taking a look at an article on Statista’s scam research and I was shocked at how much worse things have gotten since 2019. But of all the statistics, one of them surprised me more than


Welcome to the Privacy Action Plan Community!

With today’s level of technology, the Government knows exactly where you are at all times, who you’re with, what you say, what you search, and what you spend your money on. It’s a complete violation of your rights, and they collect this data without your


Replay is Up! Phone Privacy Part 2

We had a fantastic livestream interview last night with Mark Kreitzman from Efani. This was part two in our discussion on phone privacy, and the topic was your cell phone provider. Because your physical phone is only half of the equation, right? A phone is


Replay is Up!

Did you see my interview with Ramiro Romani last night? It was fantastic, and we received a ton of great questions! One of the main questions we received is “Will there be a replay of this interview?” Yes! You can watch the replay of it


Can crypto really be private?

Bitcoin has a fatal flaw. And that flaw is that it’s not private. In fact, it’s completely transparent, meaning that all of your transactions become public knowledge. And if you read my last email/article, you know how dangerous that flaw is. Because when all of

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