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The Social Credit System is Coming to the West (Part 1)

The Chinese Social Credit System is in place right now in China. It’s not a theory, it’s not fantasy. It’s in place…RIGHT NOW. It’s a system of total surveillance, combined with very sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) that monitors everything that people do. It rewards people


The Great Taking /w Chris Martenson

Did you know that as soon as you put your currency in a bank, it is NO LONGER YOURS! The WEF is planning what they call “The Great Taking” and their goal is to take everyone’s assets away. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “You’ll


“De-Google” Your Phone

Out of all the classes we hold, phone privacy is one of the most important. The digital surveillance state that exists today relies HEAVILY on cellphones. They track almost everything about you. And it’s hard to understand the danger, because when you hold a phone,


The woke agenda’s #1 weakness…

Everytime I open the news, I feel like I’m attacked with headlines telling me that the world is ending and there is nothing that I can do to stop it. Whether it’s: To say it’s disturbing is an understatement… I feel like we’ve entered a

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