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Being blackmailed is a very painful experience

I wanted to talk to you today about something that is very serious. Being blackmailed is an awful feeling.

It makes you feel powerless, because if you don’t do what the blackmailer says, you’re risking your reputation.

One of the most common ways that hackers blackmail people is through sexual images and videos captured of the victim through hacked webcams or photo galleries.

Which is both terrifying and humiliating.

They will use these photos and videos against the victim and threaten to send it to all of the victims’ friends and family.

Most victims make the mistake of engaging with the hacker.

But you should not do this. If you respond, they know you have read their message, and if you don’t they might move on to a new target.

Another big mistake people make is opening the attachments that are sent in the email. Hackers often store malware in the email in the attachments. If you open them, you are at risk of compromising more of your data.

If they send you a password that you have used in the past, do not use it again, and if they send you a current password, change it ASAP!

Sometimes hackers will spoof their email address to look like they have the same email address as you. They do this so you think they are already in your account even if they aren’t. If you get a message like this, don’t panic, and don’t respond. Start by changing the password to your email address, and find a way to get in contact with your email service provider.

If you are being blackmailed, you can report the emails to the FBI at 

Being preventative can protect you from a lot of pain. Use web cam covers, be careful of how you store/share sensitive information. Be careful with the links you click, and what you download.

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Staying up to date on privacy and security knowledge is the most powerful tool in your toolbelt.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Please share it with friends and family.

Thank you!

Eric Meder


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