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Artificial Intelligence Should Change How You Use the Internet

How can you trust anything online in the time of deepfakes, and powerful AI?

If you’ve been following AI technology, you’re probably feeling both amazed and concerned at how advanced it‘s getting.

The truth is, even I am genuinely surprised at how powerful it is.

Deepfakes are AI generated fake videos of people. They look realistic, and they can even mimic the voice and talking patterns of the people they are imitating.

That means completely fake videos can change narratives and slander people’s reputations.

And this is just the start. As time progresses it will get more and more realistic, to the point that no one will be able to tell which videos are real and which videos are fake.

Then you add something like ChatGPT into the mix, that can easily create Wharton Business School level essays in a matter of seconds. It is clear to see how dangerous the world of AI is getting.

Especially in a time of censorship and search manipulation. That’s why it’s important that you do your due diligence when forming opinions online.

And even though it seems overwhelming, I am confident that it will be okay. It’s easy to look into the future and imagine what it would be like, but the truth is, we have to address now, because that is the only way we can move forward.

So, here are a few tips I have for trusting information online:

1. Check the source – Now more than ever it is important to find the people that you trust online. You should deeply consider what they are talking about, and what narratives they could be trying to push. Also, it’s important to see who they work with.

2. Check your gut feeling – In general, it is easier to have “gut feelings” in real life, because of nonverbal communication. But, you can still have “gut feelings” online. I recommend, that you ask yourself how you feel and if it feels “right”. Do not ignore this feeling.

3. Don’t act emotionally – Media, hackers and scammers, all want you to act out of emotion. Because if you are acting out of emotion, you will not think logically. If you catch yourself getting caught up in emotions (especially strong emotions like intense fear or anger) take a step back and try to recollect yourself.

4. Be ready to change – If you have been following someone for a long time and you start to see some red flags with them, you have to be ready to let them go. Same with your personal viewpoints. By having self-awareness and forming your own opinions, you have to constantly challenge your reality.

5. Be Aware of Technology – Finally, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the most current technology. You do not have to become an expert by any means, but just by knowing the potential of modern tech, you can understand it’s dangers.

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Thank you!

Eric Meder


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