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America’s #1 most secure phone service provider? (Exclusive replay)

Yesterday, I interviewed Mark Kreitzman, a privacy specialist who specializes in cell phone service providers.

The class was very enlightening, and we had a lot of great Q/A questions.

But don’t worry if you missed the class…

You can watch a replay of it here.​

There are three pieces of the puzzle when it comes to phone privacy…

  • The first, and most important is the phone itself and the operating system, which is what we talked with Hakeem about last week.
  • The second piece of the puzzle is the cellular service that you use, which is what we talked about in the interview.
  • The third essential piece of the puzzle is the apps that you use.

It’s best if you get all three of these pieces in place, but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Of course, if you have an Above phone, use the Efani service and are very careful of the apps that you put on your phone, that is the best way that you can achieve phone privacy.

Efani is the cell service provider that we personally use, and it is also America’s most secure cell phone service.

We asked Mark if he would create a special offer for everyone interested in signing up, you can view his special offer here.

He’s offering the second month free to anyone who signs up now.

I hope you enjoyed the class and special offer.

Thank you!

Glenn Meder


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