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Privacy Action Plan Affiliate Program

Partner with the most trusted name in privacy education.

It doesn’t matter what subject matter you usually talk about, people want to know how to get private and secure online!

Our top affiliate teaches backyard gardening, and she has earned $80,000 in commissions from three promotions!

We have a great product, excellent service and amazing reviews.

Our Affiliates Love Us!

Marjory Wildcraft is a trusted leader who teaches people how to become food independent. She has promoted our webinar twice. The first time she earned over $15,000 in commissions and the second time she earned about $29,000.

Tom Woods needs no introduction for most freedom-oriented individuals. Tom Woods has had excellent results promoting our webinar to his audience, and considers it to be a great service to his people.

Steve Penny provides investment advice for people looking to invest in mining stocks. Steve promoted our webinar and 20% of the people who registered converted into sales. He earned more than $15,000 from one webinar.


The Privacy Action Plan is an online course that helps non-techy people become private and secure online. We break each step down into bite-sized pieces and move people forward in a planned way. Our customers love us and our course.


If you are an email marketer who has a strong relationship with your audience, we want to partner with you. It doesn’t matter what your primary topic is, we’ve had wonderful success in the health, political, financial and even backyard gardening space. We also work with affiliates on platforms other than email.


Results vary based on how big and responsive your email list is, but each of our past five webinars have earned our affiliates from $15,000 to $35,000 per webinar. Affiliates who have done multiple webinars have seen an increase in revenue each time they promote the webinar (we recommend promoting it every 3 or 4 months).


  • Our primary method of promotion is via a live, private educational webinar to your audience. By promoting a short term event you can generate an excitement that results in considerably more sales than if you were just to promote an evergreen product. And most of our affiliates promote every quarter.
  • The webinar is an educational class and is not a one-hour sales pitch. The webinar teaches 1) why people should be concerned about privacy, 2) how to properly think about privacy, 3) five practical steps that they can take right now, and then 4) we have a live Q&A session.
  • At the end of the class, we tell them how they can take the next step, and we do a short commercial for the course. There is absolutely no pressure to join.
  • Attendees to our webinar receive a 50% off coupon for a lifetime membership if they sign up within the 4-day promotional period (the replay is up during this time).
  • We take care of all aspects of the webinar. Your role is simply to get as many people as possible to the webinar.
  • We will provide you with recommended email templates (with links) to send to your audience. It’s best if you customize the email with your own message, tone and even your own stories.
  • You will receive 45% of the revenue from sign-ups for each person who joins.


Want to take our course before promoting it? Let us know.

Want to see a sample webinar? Go here.

Want to talk to Glenn Meder, the founder. Reach out to him here and ask to talk to him.

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