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You are being spied on by Big Tech, Big Brother, and creeps online at all times. Your location is constantly tracked, texts are being read, and the cameras and microphones on your device can be turned on without your knowledge. Information is power, that’s why they are trying to get as much of yours as possible.

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"Glenn Meder's Privacy Action Plan is the real thing. It actually does what it claims to do - and more. It's a great comfort to have access to such broad knowledge and practical guidance."

G Edward Griffin, Best Selling Author

"My readers absolutely rave about Glenn Meder's Privacy Action Plan. Here's how anyone, regardless of technical knowledge, can secure their online privacy."

Tom Woods, Best Selling Author

"Online privacy is one of the most important issues of our time. It's essential that parents and children learn how to protect themselves and their freedom. Glenn is an excellent teacher, and is an expert at taking complicated subjects and making them simple."

Connor Boyack, Best Selling Author

"There are a lot of privacy experts out there who focus on technical jargon.  What sets Glenn apart from the rest is that he has the ability to take complex technical issues and make them simple to understand. Even an 8 year old or an 80 year old who struggles with computers can have faith in the fact that they can learn how to get private and secure online."

John Bush, Live Free Academy

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